What do you do?

This question is usually answered by naming your profession. People name the occupation that gives them chance to earn life. It’s a tradition, it’s accepted to answer like that. That’s what I reply as well. Tradition.

With all the love for my actual work, I feel it more as a hobby, as a fun way to learn, as a professional challenge, but not as a main job. The main job is rather a true vocation.

I like to think that my real job and job of many people around me is to help people around. One of the things on the list is even this blog , though it helps mostly just to me only, but it is not so little to start with.

It’s not always clear how it works, but life just confronts us face to face with the people who currently have certain answers that we need. To make the game more interesting, these people do not know that they have those answers .

These “teachers” do not know what you need and how to help , but are working successfully as catalysts for internal processes in us to make us something better.

What I just can not understand is how to learn to ask for help from the teacher. I always thought that the mental disposition to accept help is the only necessary component, but apparently there’s something else needed. What?

P.S. comment of the author of the image: “To me, this painting defines my male perspective of love. I like to think that she is completing his puzzle by placing the final piece, rather than removing it. Which one I intended is a perpetual question to me. It is much more interesting to me to hear what others take from it.

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