AUGUST CHALLENGE – eat 100g/day of protein

?? 100g protein / day⠀

I figured out my august challenge as I was crazy cooking yesterday. I need to eat more protein! #typicalvegan (tho i’m not full time vegan and more ovo/eggs-pesco/fish-vegetarian, but still)⠀

❔ Why it’s a problem⠀
I tried a lot of calculators for correct protein intake. Can’t say they seem to agree but here’re some results that calculators told me what my target daily protein intake should be:⠀
a) 148 g/day⠀
b) 73 – 131 g/day⠀
c) 101 g/day⠀
World Health Organization safe lower limit of protein intake: 61 grams/day.⠀

? When I checked 3 months of food logging, turns out i eat on average ❗55 ❗g/day.⠀

Will i die – NO, it is enough… i don’t know.⠀

? Hence I thought i’ll take an average of adviced – 100 g/day ^_^⠀

✨ It has a bit of a side hidden goal as well….It’s been almost 6 months since my last tattoo, which means i will be able to donate blood again, that needs decent iron levels. While higher plant protein intake doesn’t necessarily increases iron level, while generally eating “cleaner” i’ll pay more attention to iron as well.⠀

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