If I would fully commit to my artsy side, I would most likely be a drunk and die by the age of 30 from depression and alcoholism.

Oh the dreams…

This november I made a packed artsy day – the afternoon after friendly visits included Mucha museum, Kafka museum and a ballet. Don’t repeat my mistakes!

kafka and mucha museums

We live promising ourselves “well this weekend I’ll… “

Recently I got tired of this. If I don’t have people to keep me company, cancel last moment or simply I can’t lift up my own butt, it’s not enough reason to delay art pleasures till i’m retired or somebody will magically take charge of me and such things.

Unless I make a celebration, there’re most likely won’t be one.

But not everything at once!

Too much inspiration lifts feet of the ground. It’s not possible to walk anymore, or care about walking for that matter. Flying is the only highway. Helium in lungs would replace oxygen and i will fly like a ransom balloon.

I like having an open mind.. but my brain keeps falling out.

How to stay sane?

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