“Every person you meet in your life is your teacher”

Read it somewhere and ended up living by it. I didn’t know how much though.

From every friend in my life I learned something but probably the most from people, I’ve dated. I’m not naive enough to think it is something unique, but it still strikes me how every of these very important people got cursed by crossing their paths with me.

Every person I’ve let into my life thought of me better than I am and it pushed me to try to become that better version. However I am a very slow person, plus life is never a straight line.. and ironically I fully become that “better me” those people hope to see in me only when I’m already without them in my life.

Oh the cruel life!

Sometimes I wondered though if the constant presence of those people in my life was the thing that slowed down the process but there’s never any way to know for sure. And so we keep on living, keep on hoping, keep on trying to make sense of it.

Over time I passed being stuck in this never ending doubt of whether the chicken or the egg was the first. However already at the point where I became the “better me” I wondered if it then maybe made me perfect for the person who provoked this improvement.

Ignorance is bliss and I’m very blessed.

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