About year and a half ago one man visited our company to help us people with time-management. A really good initiative. Since there was a lot of work and all processes were not yet established, some confusions were happening, as well as misunderstandings and extra time wasted on solving problems. Everybody cheered at the idea of workshop, because we’d finally got a chance to make some fixes to solving things and in particular to figure out how the hell it’s possible to everything you plan. This was the time when after some quite a break I heard about “procrastination” again.

The main solution that procrastination troubleshooting guru offered had a form of a calendar-list where you’d be inserting the desired “need to be doing” and by ticks you’d be checking those days when you arrived to do so.

This approach for sure had two main advantages:

  • visual simple reminder
  • quest aspect

All positiveness was demolished with one huge downside:

  • It’s a short term solution.
    It’s like taking painkillers without diagnosing the source of pain.

Frankly speaking it’s a solution for laziness – not procrastination. God bless if majority people would follow this scenario for 2 weeks. A month top. No-no-no it’s necessary to find the source.

There’s no need to be the sharpest tool in the shed to understand that the reason of procrastination, as well as of many over human-driving  things, is a typical fear.

Simply a fear.

Lets imagine you don’t like you job, and for real you are dreaming about quitting and opening own firm. But your family takes time, and you’re feeling sort of sick lately, and then you’d need to prepare a proper business plan and so on. Like this slowly but inevitable things get postponed for months, and sometimes  for years. Why?

Because own company is: no guaranteed fixed salary once per month, responsibility for everything, more work than ever before, bureaucracy traps on the way..

What’s the fear about? Yeah, all this will be hard, but is this what is causing the fear?

Losing a steady income (even temporary) makes life insecure not only for you but for your family as well; it’s not certain that family would understand your decision, what is more scary family might not support and also in future accuse you of troubles. Later you’d join the chorus: I’m such an idiot to exchange stable wellness  for this jeopardy, if I thought twice I wouldn’t be in this shit now.

How to put it shorter? – You’re afraid of failure.

Thinking in advance that something won’t work out is already paralyzing. Maybe now the situation is not the best, but it might get worse! And then it won’t be even to lift your self esteem from the ground, you’d need to dig it out from underground.

It is never about magical lists or colourful post-its on the wall, visualization is not an ultimate solution. It’s about being brave.

It will all depend on the understanding – what am I actually afraid of? – and on the answer to this – will I allow it to control my life?

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