I was really anticipating this day. Finally I’ll be able to see the one who was teaching my teacher.

For many years my own teacher was my second inner voice, guiding my development. She was and is an infallible authority that would advise an answer when it seems that i don’t have it and would never have it. As long as I knew her I saw her already adult and wise. I prefered not to think about what she was before.

In the building on the hill nobody seemed to be waiting for us. The building itself was yet another temporary delusion, but today it was our destination.

Multitude of corridors and rooms were directing students to the separate ways. I decided to go with the teacher since she came here to see her own master.

We walked with her side by side cheerfully talking about the upcoming meeting with her teacher. Our path led to the inner yard of the building. Instead of normal doors the yard was entered by opening the iron gates constructed from plain thick bars, making it look creepy and cold. I lost my teacher as soon as we made the first step into the yard – completely forgetting about my existence, she went quickly in the direction of her Master sitting  on a rock in the middle of that yard. Here she was a mere student.

I sat on the ground at some distance away from them, watching the snowed yard and listening to the snowflakes melting in my hair. The time was passing by, my teacher still was talking to hers. I could see on her face a shadow of inspiration that she was so often giving to me herself. Hour after hour she was dissolving in this snow-covered yard.

The delusion was starting to get fainter, we had to go, it was time to leave. She kept listening to her Master. We had to be by now rushing past the iron bars of the gates. She kept listening. I yelled to her that the delusion is disappearing. She kept listening, she didn’t hear me. I was making steps backwards into the building’s corridors. She kept listening. Kept listening to her Master sitting on a rock.

She will soon disappear with him, and when I leave the building on the hill I’ll have a teacher no more.

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