Icicles-killers were rushing right at her. No warm hoodie could save her from piercing icy wind and chilled evil snowflakes. Apparently for nature it wasn’t enough just to create an anesthetizing air stream, it also wanted to cut the unfortunate victims.

It was only 500 meters left till the entrance of a restaurant. Listening to the sound of her teeth clicking together she was counting how many steps she was making and how many minutes of this hell she still had; but at reaching the door of so promised warm and care she passed by without even slowing down.

Snowflakes clinging to tights were already forming their own independent state, tightly conquering territory off of the knees. Knees were giving up.

Her glance was staring at the road ahead. The eyes were watering from the cold wind, from sparks of snowflakes caught in the lamp light, and from simply being so mean. I think the latter prevailed. Her legs feeling like somewhere already in a different Galaxy nevertheless kept carrying the rest of the tired body forward.

Is this all? Is this all? Is this ALL?

She was repeating it over and over again as a mantra, until the phrase loft its initial meaning.

Is this all that is waiting for me? No adventures, no unpredictability, no surprises? Where the hell went my letter from Hogwarts? Where is all that which makes you lose you breath as if you were hit at solar plexus?

Somehow quickly all this faded away at around the age of sixteen. Some things did help with getting adrenaline.. but it wasn’t the same.

Get out of the house, go for a some nice food – so this is how the happiness looks like. The great adventures of a lazy panda.

She was scared the most that the time spent with books would betray her, that it would never be like THERE, that the world of literature will remain only a promise.

Taking of only a winter jacket and boots, she went to the living room, rolled into a warm blanket covering even her head and tool out of a backpack a book in a softcover with some orange-green madness on it. So.. page 326.. where did I stop.. aha!

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