Previously (described here) I have already attempted an experiment that involved fasting, which included a day of raw food, a day of fast and a day of raw food again. Now after such trials, it’s time for something more ambitious.

Day -1

The sad side of this experiment is that it originated from a slightly negative place. This day I stayed at home due to not feeling good and had two quite stressful situations in the evening.

Day 0

I kept feeling kind of bad and stayed at home. I didn’t want to eat. For a half a day I tried to eat a little bit of something vegan and then just stopped eating.

Day 1


  • working day
  • language courses
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • hot bath with verbena


  • crave boiled potatoes
  • crave plum juice
  • smell mint (somehow…)
  • stomach is slightly uncomfortable
  • crave bread
  • light headache, uncomfortable feeling in heart

Day 2


  • working day
  • reading
  • meditation


  • weak in legs
  • feeling great otherwise
  • no desire to eat
  • muscles feel like cottonballs

Day 3


  • walking to a shop
  • reading
  • watching movies


  • headache and weird pain in feet
  • temperature 37C
  • no hunger whatsoever
  • not feeling thirst
  • fainted at supermarket’s checkout
  • feeling good rest of the day

After this, the finishing phase the day after is taking watered down juices and some fruits (hence the tragic attempt to reach supermarket). Generally speaking my summary feelings about this were quite positive, but it would be so much better conducted in the work-less vacation-like conditions and be supervised while walking outside.

This experience was much more successful than 1-2 days long fasts I used to try where I was getting slightly nauseous by the end of the day. Though it seems 1 day long fasts in a way prepared me for a longer try-out. I would be very interested to attempt once a 7 days fast since my digestion literary had no objection to such tests in the whole 3 days.

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