Last year I reached:

  1. Got happy. Including visibly for others.
  2. Learned to share happiness with others.
  3. Completed few social challenges (like go on 5 dates in one week etc.).
  4. Left a job that was killing me and tried being unemployed for the first time in my life.
  5. Learned to enjoy traveling.
  6. Lost 8 (bad) kilos.
  7. Got to post regularly on Instagram.
  8. Moved to a new flat, organizing and ensuring everything by myself (i’m a foreigner, it’s complicated)

I wish I reached but I will try this year:

  1. Read more books (articles are great, but still) – 1/month
  2. Make more videos (I don’t need them that much anymore as a social exercise but it’s still a creative thing i enjoy) 2/month
  3. Start professional blogging to improve my job expertise
  4. Not forget to send blog newsletters 🙁
  5. Get to the gym (as soon as my new job’s gym card kicks in) 
  6. Learn to edit RAW photos
  7. Run 10 km (i’m asthmatic)
  8. Get regular with painting and sketching.

These might not seem meaningful to somebody, but we all have different goals and perspectives. Would you share yours in comments?

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