Interesting approach to  describe some basic mechanisms that drive people’s relationships.

Principle of knowledge

Every person we meet can potentially teach us something new.

Principle of harisma

People are interested in people that show interest in them.

Principe of friendship

In the equal  conditions people will tend to work with those whom they like; when the conditions are uneven people still tend to do so.

Principle of self-relationship

Feeling free and open with oneself allows to be free and open with others

Principle of mirror

Before judging others, pay attention to own actions.

Principle of pain

A hurt person hurts others.

Principle of situation

Don’t let situation matter for you more than relationship with that person.

Principle of Bob

If Bob has problems with everybody, most likely Bob IS the main problem.

Principle of hammer

Don’t use hammer to kill a mosquito on another person forehead.

Principle of exchange

Instead of showing others their place we should try put ourselves in theirs.

Principle of 10 points

Believing in people’s best qualities generally provokes them to show their best.

Principle of confrontation

First take care of people, then confront.

Principle of stone wall

Trust is a base of any relationships.

Principle of elevator

In the relationship it’s possible to bring people up and down.

Principle of higher road

We make transition to a higher level when we start treating other better than they treat us.

Principle of boomerang

When helping others, we help ourselves.

Principle of satisfaction

In a perfect relationship in order to achieve satisfaction two parts don’t need more than just being together.

Principle of 101 percent

Find 1 percent that you agree on and focus 100 percent of your effort there.

Principle of trench

When preparing for the battle, dig a trench where one more friend could fit as well.

Principle of patience

Travelling with others is always slower, but further.

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